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Grow Business with Instagram Short Course. Welcome!

Congrats on pursuing the INSTAGRAM marketing magnet to attract your ideal audience!

Instagram can grow your business and attract your ideal audience, and yes, it will help them get to Know, Like, and Trust you, but only IF YOU TAKE IT SERIOUSLY AND DO IT RIGHT!

We will show you how to get it right – Settings to Content Secrets and Smart Tips.

Don’t just think about your social media platforms as just being a place you hop in and out of when you want to sell.

It’s a place to take people from not knowing you to trust you enough to build a relationship and go on a journey.

A Customer Journey during which you will be required to go where they are with what they want, when they want it and how they want it.

Why You Should Care About Instagram

  • 2nd Most Downloaded App in the world. Can you believe that if you think how many apps there are worldwide? Only Tik Tok beats Instagram
  • It’s the 4th Most Popular Social Platform after Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp. And two of those are in the Metaverse, so if you link Facebook and Instagram, you’ve covered a considerable market.
  • The latest figures show that 23% of all people in the world are Above 13 years of age use Instagram. How incredible is that? Getting anywhere in the world, reaching an audience, Instagram is your place to go.
  • SOUTHERN AFRICA accounts for seven million Users.
  • Age Group: 25 to 45-year-olds are the social media ambassadors, so they share what they find. Even for an older or younger audience is not on the platform, the ambassadors are likely to tell everybody else what they find and see on their favourite platform. Hence your content can be amplified.
  • Equally MALE AND FEMALE.
  • STORIES are a great awareness tool, and we will be dealing with those in module 3.1
  • Also, Frequency is essential. We recommend a minimum of 1 POST A DAY.
  • The AVERAGE ENGAGEMENT on Instagram is way above Facebook. Be on INSTAGRAM for that reason too, but remember you are joining a community.
  • Instagram users are very engaged with visual content.
  • It is a visual entertainment platform.


  1. Enable A Healthy Instagram for Optimal Performance
  2. Intentionally Attract Your Ideal Audience
  3. Share Content People Love
  4. Learn Tips & Tricks to Create a Platform You and Your Followers Enjoy!


MORE THAN DOUBLE THE VALUE!!! Exceeds R 2000 in value

  1. Get Started: How to add the IG App to your Android Video (R50)
  2. 1. Brand Style Guide (Value R100)
  3. 2. List of the recommended number of hashtags for the major social media platforms (Value R50)
  4. 2,2, Hashtag Starter Kit and Days of the Week (Value R200)
  5. 3. Ideal Customer Avatar definition worksheet (Value R350)
  6. 4. Current Content Calendar including Bonus Content and editable Canva Posts Templates (Value R500)
  7. 4 Editable Canva Template to create a Carousel easily and quickly. Value (R100)
  8. 4. Content Marketing Video (Value R500)
  9. Join KISS Community support and ongoing updates (Value: Priceless!) – Join now, and introduce yourself!
  10. Module 5: Instagram Updates – COME BACK AND CHECK THIS REGULARLY!
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Course Includes

  • 23 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz
  • Course Certificate


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