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Overview of Learning Manual – Lessons and Modules Copy

The scope of The Real Estate Intern Logbook (EAAB) and our Training Material

The EAAB has designed the Logbook Intern Program to ensure intern estate agents not only acquire meaningful practical estate agency experience during the twelve-month internship period but also are exposed to an applied and relevant practical learning experience that will enhance, and add value and understanding to their theoretical estate agency studies. According to the EAAB, the underlying objective of the programme is to ensure that intern estate agents are provided with the required structured learning environment that will assist them to acquire the necessary practical work experience that they need if they are competent to perform the functions of a professional estate agent. This mandatory workplace learning programme logbook and workplace portfolio of evidence constitute an integral component of the entire programme. The EAAB has, to this end, compiled a draft logbook for both intern estate agents, their principals, and mentors such as us.

Infinity Academy together with The Real Estate Trainer has compiled this step-by-step online training course to guide and assist all interns in understanding the requirements of the logbook and that they work at their own time, pace and leisure and ensure the successful and final conclusion of the 12-month internship and handing in of their completed Logbook at EAAB!

This online course consists of:

  • 9 Lessons/Modules
  • 36 Topics
  • 1 Final Quiz checklist
  • Download certificate of online completion of the course

This course has ensured that we have made logbooks simple with instruction videos, guides, samples, and explanations.

How to use this online course:

  • Click on Lesson circles.
  • Click on Topic circles.
  • Ensure you have clicked the blue “mark complete” bottom at the end of each page/video to proceed to the next session.
  • Click on “material” on the top right-hand corner when this is shown, this gives you samples and also required materials.
  • Watch the videos to the end and make notes as you go along.
  • In order to ensure you conclude this course in the required 12 month period, we suggest that you conclude each project, before moving onto the next project (Lesson or topic) to avoid confusion as there are duplications in some projects.

The advantage of this online course is that you can navigate forward and backward, sign out and sign back into where you left off,  so ensure you keep and remember your sign-in details and have fun!