Content Creation Made Simple (with Canva)


Marketing coaching and “How-to” tutorials by Suze Bouwer, Marketing Enabler and Content Creator.

Packed with Best practice Tips to help you do this quicker, more simple and easier.

Short Video Lessons, Transcripts and Worksheets

Bonuses to the value of R1500.00



If you are serious about marketing your business or providing design services to a business owner, then you know that “Time is Money” and delivering quality is the shortest time with the least frustration is critical to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

Outsourcing every bit of design and branded marketing communication can either delay things, be difficult to brief, or get expensive. The good news is that it does not have to be this way, as you will soon find out.

Whether you already know Canva and find the mechanics a little frustrating or have just heard about it, then you are most probably here because you know you need a content creation tool that makes your life easier and perhaps don’t always know what works …

After more than 1000 pieces of content created on Canva, backed up by my 30+ years of marketing expertise, we can help business owners and content creators shorten the learning curve saving time and money.

Marketing Made Simple to help Businesses to Attract  –  Build  –  Convert and Audience into Customers is a process, and content is the vehicle that takes people from A to B and on to C.

Learn how to IGNITE YOUR MARKETING COMMUNICATION with Coaching by Suze Bouwer, Marketing Enabler and Content Creator and Canva Pro!



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