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Overview of Learner Guide

LESSON 1– An overview of EAAB logbook learning requirements

LESSON 2File 1: Logbook induction and agreements

Topic 1: Initialing each page of logbook and backups

Topic 2: How to label file 1

Topic 3: Print out the following pages from EAAB logbook document

Topic 4: Personal/Agreements

Topic 5: Induction

LESSON 3File 1– Logbook & Projects

Topic 1: Product Knowledge Presentation

Topic 2: Business Plan

Topic 3: Develop a marketing plan for a specific property

Topic 4: Compile an individual development plan

Topic 5: Draft an activity schedule

Topic 6: Analyse the policies and procedures of the estate agency undertaking

Topic 7: Proposal on enhancing the performance of a team



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Topic 8: Prepare a presentation on differing financial options

Topic 9: Design a brochure on the registration of title deeds and mortgage bonds in the deeds office

LESSON 4File 2: Logbook and POE (Portfolio of Evidence)

Topic 1: How to label file 2

Topic 2: Agreements & Contracts

Topic 3: Acts

LESSON 5File 3: Logbook and Appraisals

Topic 1: How to label file 3

Topic 2: Pages 63-65- Induction

Topic 3: Pages 66-69- 12 x Performance Appraisals over the 12 month period

Topic 4: Pages 70-72- Product Training

Topic 5: Pages 73-75- Legal Environment



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Topic 6: Pages 76-78- Financial Environment

Topic 7: Pages 79-81- The Marketing and/or selling and/or leasing of a property

Topic 8: Pages 82-84- Management Environment

Topic 9: Pages 85-87-Administration Environment

Topic 10: Pages 88-90- Paralegal Environment

Topic 11: Pages 91-93- Human Resources Environment

Topic 12: Pages 94-96- Compliance with the Estate Agency Affairs Act and The Financial Intelligence Centre Act and other legislative Requirements

Topic 13: Pages 97-99- Compliance with the Code of Conduct for Estate Agents

Topic 14: Pages 100-102- Marketing Generally

Topic 15: Pages 103-105- Other Workplace Activities

LESSON 6 File 3: Pages 106-109- EAAB Questionnaire 


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