1. Download the 109-page logbook document from the EAAB website:  = Logbook for Intern Estate Agents updated September 2016 (or your can print it by clicking materials on the above page)
  2. Print out the entire 109 pages in colour-single sided;
  3. Purchase 3 large arch lever files;
  4. Purchase 7 packs of dividers;
  5. Purchase 2 x small flash drives;
  6. Purchase 2 X plastic folders.
  7. Initial every single page of your logbook.
  8. NBNB Ensure you keep back-ups of all your logbook documents and projects on the cloud or external hard drives to avoid having to redo projects- this is imperative!!!!

Ensure you have access to a Computer with Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Word Software as well as Internet Access and assistance from your Real Estate Agency to access and source various materials and contract requirements of this logbook session training.

The training will consist of the following:

File 1: Logbook and Projects

a) 10 x Projects;

b) Flashdrive with your 8-10 minute recording of Product Knowledge presentation;

b) CV’s and Certification;

File 2: Logbook and POE 

a) Collecting of Real Estate Agreements/contracts;

b) Flash Drive with Acts as required by logbook document;

File 3: Logbook and Appraisals.

a) Collect evidence of what you are learning while concluding your internship such as Offer To Purchases (OTP), Estates, Mandates as much as you can over the 12 month period!