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Topic 10- Pages 88-90- Paralegal Environment Copy

Paralegal Environment – Pages 88-90


The first thing you thought was, what is paralegal – right? A paralegal is a person that assists a Lawyers (legal secretary) or an Attorney (Attorney’s Secretary). You could interview your transfer Attorneys’s Secretary to find out what he/she is responsible for (responsibilities). Or you can collect the evidence on receiving updates on property transfers from the Attorney’s Secretary etc.

  1. Print out pages 88-90 of your logbook document.
  2. Fill in page 88 and list the evidence that you are attaching
  3. Attach the proof of evidence
  4. Fill in page 89 with tasks, responsibilities, and time
  5. Fill in page 90 on what you personally learned from the Paralegal environment
  6. Initial each page!

I have shared the ideas above, some other examples are:

  • Diary of events from an attorney.
  • Feedback regarding an offer- letter from an attorney.
  • Letter on registration,
  • Any form of information received from the Legal secretary.