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Topic 14- Pages 100-102- Marketing generally Copy

Marketing General- Pages 100-102

An Estate Agency does not just market property they also market their Real Estate Agency as a whole. You need to collect 3 proof of evidence on the generic marketing of the Agency itself for example:

  • Billboards.
  • The generic website.
  • General advertisements in general print.
  • Television advertising.
  • The Real Estate business brochure.
  • What about a copy of your marketing plan in your Business Plan.

This general marketing is known as branding of the Agency, 

  1. Fill in page 100 and list what you are attaching as evidence (3 things).
  2. Fill in page 101 and explain the tasks, dates, times, and responsibilities.
  3. Fill in page 102 and explain what you learned from the evidence and the general marketing concept.
  4. Initial each page.