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Topic 15- Pages 103-105- Other workplace activities (15)

Other Workplace Activities- Pages 103-105

This is the final appraisal whoop whoop, this can be any other three things that you learnt other than already shared, it could be cold calling sheets, it could be Networking sessions, any three additional evidence that you can share that you have learnt while working as an Intern in the Workplace.

Same concept:

  1. Print out pages 103-105 of your logbook document
  2. Fill out page 103 on what you are attaching as evidence
  3. Fill in page 104 on tasks, responsibilities and duration
  4. And finally what you learnt from this evidence.

Ensure that all the pages from 63 to 105 and all proof of evidence is filed in file 3- Logbook and appraisals