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Topic 2 – Contracts & Agreements Copy

Contract and Agreements

  1. Print Out Page 28, 29, and 30 of your logbook document
  2. Place it in the front of your file 2- Logbook and POE file.
  3. Now start sourcing the listed agreements, you can use google and download them as well as ask your Real Estate Agency for copies of these agreements etc.
  4. You will use a lot of file dividers for file two– For each agreement collected, you must make a file divider and name it that of the agreement this is so that it is easy for EAAB to see where these agreements are. It is not for me but for the EAAB!
  5. Initial every single page including all agreements!
  6. Now, let’s start with the Agreements/contracts first, see illustrated page 28 below:

As per the red block illustrated, at the bottom of page 28 of your logbook document, you will be collecting agreements/contracts! 

  • These agreements can be filled in, they do not have to be filled in.
  • These agreements do not need to have your branding on them.
  • You can source these documents from the Estate Agency that you work for;
  • You can also research and source them from the internet
  • Or even from other Estate Agencies or your Conveyancing Attorney

You would name the file dividers individually per agreement (15 file dividers for 15 agreements as listed below), then print out the required agreement/contract form and file it behind the file divider and carry on like this till the end with each agreement/contract.

  • Sectional title residential property sales contract (an offer to purchase for a sectional title property), source one print it out, place file divider in front of it, and name it “Sectional title residential property sales Contract”.
  • Sectional title lease contract (Between Tenant and agency). The same thing source the sample document  and print it out and place file divider and name it and file it,  you will be doing this process for all agreements, for ease of process we will carry on listing the documents required in green below:
  • Sectional Title Management contract (Between owner and agency)
  • Commercial Property Sales Contract (Offer to Purchase for a COmmercial Property)
  • Commercial Property Lease Contract (Tenant and Agency)
  • Commercial Property Management Contract (Owner and Agency)






I will  now be illustrating Page 29, note the red block for agreements on top of page 29 of your logbook document which is still additionally required:


  • Property Management Contract (Owner and Agency)
  • Community housing scheme sales Contract (OTP)
  • Community housing scheme lease contract (Tenant and Agency)
  • Freehold housing sales contract (OTP for a free-standing house-not in a complex)
  • Freehold housing lease contract (Tenant and Agency)
  • Fraction Ownership
  • Share block scheme
  • Lease agreement for share block
  • Housing Retirement scheme (go to an old age home and ask for one)

Now we will be working with the second section on file 2 which will be “The Acts”