Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Topic 2- Pages 63-65- Induction (2)

Induction – Pages 63-65

  1. Print out Page 63 to 65 of your logbook document.
  2. Once again initial each page as well as what you attaching as evidence!
  3. This is Induction– what are the first 3 things you learned at your Estate Agency being inducted in the Agency.
  4. Print out/collect these 3 things as evidence.
  5. Now write and fill in page 63 with your name and list the 3 things you attaching as evidence, ensure this form is signed and dated (illustrated below), include principal signature and date.
  6. After this page, attach the 3 evidence documents that you listed






















6. After you have attached the evidence, now fill in page 64, On this page, you are going to briefly elaborate more on the evidence and what you have learned (illustrated below)!






















7. Fill in Page 65- Now you are going to give in-depth information on what you personally learned from these three documents of evidence and what it meant to you- as illustrated below: