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Topic 4- Pages 70-72- Product Training Copy

Product Training- Pages 70-72

You learned so much when concluding the 10 projects in file 1 – Now you are going to show them as evidence and

how long it took you to conclude these projects.

  1. Print out pages 70-72 of your logbook document.
  2. Fill in page 70- and list 3 things that you are attaching as evidence, use three pages from your product knowledge presentation (Project 1 from file 1)

Sample illustration below:

3. Now attach the pages as evidence (as below for illustrative purposes only)


























































































4. Now fill in page 71, this is a log on how long it took you to conclude the presentation and to collect the evidence i.e Date, description of the task (list them eg collecting evidence of the
Companies   features and advantages, researching the company, researching the competitor) my responsibilities Рexplain your responsibilities of collecting the information and where you
collected it from eg online, visiting competitors or even their websites. Now how long did it task you -Hours/days/weeks worked sourcing and concluding tasks you must give the number of
days, hours or weeks it took you to do each task.

Sample illustration below:






















5. Fill in page 72 with in-depth information on what you personally learned on this product training.

Sample illustration below:






















Please note the above is for illustrative purposes only, you must use your own projects and ensure that you show three things learn on your product!!

Make sure you initial every single page including the evidences attached!