Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Topic 4- Personal/Agreements (4)

  1. Place your first file divider here and name it: PERSONAL/AGREEMENTS
  • Internship Agreement – Place pages 4-13 of your logbook document here (of the 109-page document you downloaded and printed) and fill in all the required pages;
  • Fill in pages 4 to 7 as the Internship agreement between you and the Real Estate Agency;
  • NB! Pages 5 to 7 both Principal and Agent must initial;
  • Fill in page 8 – Your details as the Agent;
  • Place your certified copy of your Identification document (certification to be done last minute before handing in your logbook, as certification copies are only valid for 3 months);
  • The Real Estate Agency Principal must fill in page 9;
  • After page 9 place a colour copy of The Real Estate Agency cancelled LETTERHEAD that you work for;
  • Get your signed letter of appointment (contract of employment) from the Real Estate Agency that you work for ensuring that it is signed by both you and your principal and place it here;
  • Initial pages 10 and 11.
  • Pages 12 & 13 you need to include the Mentor/coach/supervisor who also helped with this logbook
  • NB Don’t forget to initial each page!!!