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Topic 5- Pages 73-75- Legal Environment (5)

Legal Environment- Pages 73-75

As per pages 70-72 (Product training) you now going to fill in pages 73-75 and you are going to pull evidence on

what you learnt in the legal environment over the year as an intern, some examples you could use are:

  • Agreements and contracts that were filled during your internship- what did you learn from them;
  • How long did it take you to source the sample contracts for file 2 (logbook and POE) and copy some of these contracts and explain what you learnt from them?
  • Or of the contracts you collected, which one stood out for you and what did you learn from them;
  • The transfer process (look at project 9) what was it that stood out for you and what did you learn by it etc;
  1. Print out pages 70-73 of your logbook document
  2. Fill in page 70 listing what you are attaching as evidence (at least 3).
  3. Attached the 3 pieces of evidence.
  4. Fill in Page 71 which is your task breakdown log on the date, description of each task, your responsibilities and how long it took you.
  5. Fill in page 72 and indicate what you personally learnt on each piece of evidence supplied.
  6. Initial all pages!