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Topic 6- Pages 76-78- Financial Environment (6)

Financial Environment- Pages 76-78


Let’s see what you have learned from the Financial sector working in this year’s internship program.

Show at least three pieces of proof of evidence -some examples are:

  • Financing options as done in project 8
  • Bond repayments calculations
  • Transfer and bond costs brochure
  • What others have you learned?
  1. Print out pages 76-78 of your logbook document
  2. Same as what you did for pages 73-75, you will now be filling in pages 76-78 based on the same concept
  3. Fill in page 76 and list the three things you are attaching as evidence
  4. Attach the three pieces of evidence.
  5. Fill in Page 77 -the log on how long it took you and include task breakdown and responsibilities.
  6. Finally, conclude page 78 on what you personally learned from these three pieces of evidence.
  7. Initial all pages!