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Topic 7- Pages 79-81- The marketing and/or selling and/or leasing of property (7)

The marketing of a specific property- Pages 79-81

Like we filled in previous pages, you are now going to conclude pages 79-81

  1. Print out pages 79-81 from your logbook document
  2. Fill in page 79 on the three items you are attaching as evidence
  3. Fill in page 80 as the log of the time it took you including tasks, responsibilities, and time
  4. Fill in page 81 on what did YOU personally learned from these three pieces of proof of evidence.
  5. Initial each page!

Some examples of evidence are:

  • Project 3- Marketing of a  specific property.
  • Pull some adverts from the local press.
  • Download your adverts from Social Media and Marketing
  • Show successes of the marketing of the house 
  • Show how you got a top listing on Property24 etc