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Topic 9- Pages 85-87- Administration Environment Copy

Administration Environment- Pages 85-87

I am sure you know after this year working as an intern, Property Practitioners work a lot with administration, and I am sure you will be able to attach lots of proof of administration, and hence pull 3 that you concluded within this Year.

For example:

  • Filling in a Mandate
  • Filling in an OTP
  • Declarations
  • Valuation reportsĀ 
  • FICA document requirements
  • COVID 19 visitor schedule
  • Listing forms etc etc
  • Cold calling Canvas sheets
  • Updating CRM systems
  • Any form of administration you doing!
  1. Print out page 85 and list the three things you are attaching as evidence
  2. Attach the 3 pieces of evidence
  3. Fill in page 86 as a log on your tasks, responsibilities, and time it took you
  4. Fill in page 87 on what you personally learned from these three pieces of evidence!
  5. Initial each page.