Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Topic/Project 1- Product Knowledge Presentation Copy

Product Knowlege Presentation

Watch the video for guidance (click the square at the bottom right to view full screen)

  1. Place File divider (3rd file divider) and name it: PROJECT 1 your presentation and place it behind page 47 and top of page 48 of your logbook document now!
  2. Compile your presentation in Powerpoint and watch the recorded video, NB make sure you use all the headings illustrated in the video.
  3. Watch the step-by-step video above it will guide you through each page of your presentation!
  4. Compile presentation in PowerPoint.
  5. Don’t forget to initial all pages of the documents in this project including the printed Powerpoint presentation. 
  6. Record the presentation and create an 8 to 10-minute video (time it), save it on the first flash drive (tag it) and place into a plastic folder and insert it behind your printed presentation, make sure the flash drive cannot fall out! HAVE FUN!!!
  7. Tag the flash drive with your name, Identification number, FFC number and your telephone number.