Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Topic/Project 10- Research Project (10)

Research Project – This Project 10 is the final project of file 1;

  1. Place a file divider here and name it PROJECT 10″
  2. Place and file the bottom of Page 56 of your logbook document here.
  3. The intern estate agent is required to obtain a copy of the code of conduct for the purposes of the research project
  4. Please download the EAAB Code of Conduct from the link below:

          Download EAAB Code of Conduct here!

Please print, read and study this code of conduct as a Property Practitioner Intern, you need to adhere to this code, then file it after page 56.

NB! Don’t forget to initial each page in this project

And now we have concluded Project 10.

We now move onto other documents from your logbook document and your CV and certifications to finish off file 1.