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Topic/Project 3 – Develop a marketing plan for a specific Property (3)

Develop a marketing plan for a specific Property

  1. Use another file divider and name in PROJECT 3;
  2. Place the bottom of page 50 of your Logbook document here;
  3. Let’s do the project:

You are going to do an advertisement for a specific property, many of you have already done this when trying to sell and promote a property. Pull your advertisement from Property24 or Private Property.

Ensure the advertisement has:

  • A large picture of the property;
  • The price;
  • The areas/address of the property;
  • Your contact details and agency details;
  • The description of the property;
  • Who the property targets (the target market of the property) i.e is it a family home, is it near schools, who would be the ideal homeowner etc. also include:
  • Additionally add: What mediums will you use to market this specific property eg Social Media?, which ones and why, maybe the use of local press which ones and why etc, you are marketing this house and attracting your target market to purchase this property!
  • What response is anticipated from your advertisement?
  • I am sure you can come up with a better one than mine illustrated below!

4.  Now print your advertisement and details in colour and file it behind the bottom of page 50 of your logbook document.
5. Print out page 51 of your logbook document and let your Principal fill in this document looking at your advertisement! and file this form behind your advertisement!

A draft  sample is illustrated below: