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Topic/Project 4- Compile an individual development plan Copy

Compile an individual development plan

There are many ways to layout an individual development plan, and it is your choice how you want to lay it out. Everyone who works for an  Organisation should have an individual development plan, these are concluded so that employees can have a career path and work towards career goals including that of training to self develop themselves. In this project, you will be doing your own individual development plan to work towards your career goals, remember you have short-term goals (1 year), medium-term goals (2-3 years), and long-term goals (4-5 years). You may want to start as an intern and then eventually own your own Real Estate Agency or you may want to stay as a property practitioner however learning additional techniques such as sales, computers, marketing will add value to your profession too. Indicate in your IDP – What are your career goals and how will you achieve them, and by when? You would also include an action plan on these goals too.

  1. This file divider would be named – PROJECT 4
  2. Print and file page 52 of your logbook document.
  3. Then file your completed individual development plan after this document.
  4. Make sure you cover every single point required as stipulated on page 52.
  5. Do not forget to do an action plan and make it timed when you will conclude each course.
  6. There is no right, and there is no wrong- this is your own personal individual development plan and goals so write your own, I have conveniently attached a sample,  for your perusal, please click on “materials” tab in the top right hand of this page to download a sample of an IDP.
  7. Once again initial every page in this project including the logbook document pages.


Click link "Sample individual development plan (IDP)" to download a sample of an Individual Development Plan