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Topic/Project 5 – Draft an activities schedule Copy

Draft an activities schedule:

  1. Your next file divider will be named: PROJECT 5
  2. Print out the top of page 53 of your logbook document and file this after the divider;
  3. Now you will compile your 5-7 days activity schedule of your diary, print it out and file it after page 53.
  4. Don’t forget to once again initial all pages.

Now let’s do the project:

As a Property Practioner or Intern, you would work closely with your diary and would set up various appointments and diarise them. A Property Practitioner/Agent/Intern is very busy for example:

  • Metting sellers to view Properties and document them to do a market-related evaluation of the property;
  • Meet with the seller to present the evaluation;
  • Obtain the Mandate from the seller and document the listing sheet for marketing purposes;
  • Analyse where you going to market the property and who the target market is;
  • Design and develop the advertisement and market excessively;
  • In addition cold canvas and source new listings;
  • Join Networking sessions;
  • Take calls from prospective buyers;
  • Pre-qualify buyers;
  • Take them to view the property/s
  • Sit Show Houses;
  • Visit the potential buyers to fill in Offer to Purchase;
  • Visit the seller to accept the offer;
  • Guide the buyer of the bond process;
  • Videography on the property;
  • Meeting with Principle to discuss the Property;
  • Training sessions;
  • Facing challenges and fixing them;
  • Working with Conveyancer to assist with transfer process;
  • Keeping both seller and buyer informed of process etc etc

These are just but a few processes named, hence, you would look at a week in your diary that you were extremely busy and document these 5-7 days of your diary. Showing you working and what you are concluding as a Property Practitioner/Intern will show that you are addressing and dealing with the more time-consuming activities, accomodating deadlines, prioritising functions and tasks, and ultimately achieving goals!

You can photostat your diary per day for the 7 days, Or type it neatly as a schedule. Everyone’s diary is different – now share yours! Please do not share personal activities only the work activities that have kept you busy per day, and that week!