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Topic/Project 6: Analyse the policies and procedures of the estate agency undertaking Copy

Analyse the policies and procedures of the estate agency undertaking.

What are a Policy and Procedure?

Policies and procedures go hand-in-hand but are not interchangeable. A policy is a set of general guidelines that outline the organization’s plan for tackling an issue. Policies communicate the connection between the organization’s vision and values and its day-to-day operations.

procedure explains a specific action plan for carrying out a policy. Procedures tell employees how to deal with a situation and when.

Using policies and procedures together gives employees a well-rounded view of their workplace. They know the type of culture that the organization is striving for, what behavior is expected of them, and how to achieve both of these.

All Organisations have Policies and Procedures and so will the Real Estate Agency that you work for. Set up an appointment with the Principal of your Real Estate Agency and ask them how you can get access to ALL the Companies Policies and Procedures. You would need to either print them or photostat them.

Examples in the Policies and Procedures Manual are:

  • Disciplinary code and Procedure;
  • Human Resource Procedure;
  • Dress code Policy;
  • Smoking Policy;
  • Sexual Harassment Policy;
  • Terrorism Policy- view Terrorism website to check if buyer/seller not on it;
  • FICA Policy;
  • POPIA Manual and Procedure;
  • PAIA Manual and Procedure and lots more.

Not all Company’s policies and procedures are a one size fits all, every Organisation is different, with different Policies and Procedures, you need to evaluate and understand your Companies and how you are to adhere to them!

NB NB NB Your Agency must have a FICA Procedure including consequences of non-compliance!

  1. Place another file divider and name it: PROJECT 6
  2. Print out page 53 (show bottom of page) of your logbook document and file it here;
  3. Now file your Companies entire Policy and Procedure Manual here (sometimes it is a large document with many pages it depends on your Agency) Ask your Principal for help if you are not sure about this project!
  4. Initial all pages.