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Topic/Project 7 – Proposal on enhancing the performance of a team Copy

Proposal on enhancing the performance of a team

  1. File a file divider here and name it : PROJECT 7
  2. Place the bottom of page 53 and the whole of page 54 of your logbook document here.
  3. Print out your project and file it on the back of page 54.

Lets conclude the project!

You are now the Principal of your Real Estate Agency and you need to motivate and enhance the performance of your team. Think of ideas that you believe would motivate your sales team, what incentives will you give them, and how are you going to get them to work together as a team.

Make sure each bullet point is a heading and that you cover each point!

Look at page 54, each point must be a heading starting with:

  • Conflicts that may arise in teams

          List the conflicts that you believe may arise in your team

  • Situations that could impede the efficiency and effectiveness of teams

    List what you believe makes a team efficient and efficient and why

  • The Strengths and weaknesses of group/team participation

       What do you believe makes for strengths of working as a team – list them

       What do you believe make for weaknesses of working as a team- list them

Carry on like this until you have answered each bullet point of page 54 of your logbook document, using each bullet point as a heading.

I have conveniently attached a sample for your perusal,  click on “materials” on top right of this page and download it. please come up with your own ideas on how you will enhance the performance of your own team.

Don’t forget to initial each page of the project and logbook document pages!




Click link above to download the sample!