Sales Training Masterclass


 Sales Training Masterclass- The art of selling as a profession! Yes! book my seat for 01-03 February 2021

at Infinity Academy, 30, 4th Avenue, Northmead, Benoni




Sales Training- The Art of selling as a profession!

Infinity Academy Benoni are hosting a 3 day masterclass – 01 to 03 February as we want you to reach your sales goals and exceed targets!

This 3 day module will include:

  • Top earning sales people;
  • Understanding the different types of sales;
  • The five great rules of sales;
  • Planning the sales, cold and warm calls
  • Uncovering customers needs, wants and requirement;
  • Strategic Sales openings, making the pitch and handling objections;
  • Sealing and closing the deal!

This course is a must for anyone starting or wanting to further their sales career and becoming an top quality recognized and respected sales person.


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