Logbook Real Estate Internship Training




The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) launched an internship program for all entry level Property Practitioners in the Real Estate Industry!

Although the Intern Property Practitioner needs to work for the Real Estate Agency for a Year as Practical experience, they also need to conclude their logbook in theory!

The Logbook consists of the following:

File 1: Logbook and Projects;

File 2 & 3: Logbook and Portfolio of Evidence and

File 4: Logbook and Appraisals

“iacademy” the online portal for Infinity Academy and Unischool present this step-by-step unique online training module/s to assist all Interns in concluding there logbook files.

These logbooks are signed off by Janine Gordon (Rowe) The well known popular Real Estate Trainer in South Africa before you hand them in to the EAAB for processing!


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