The Promotion of Access to Information Act No 2 of 2000 (as amended)


A must course for all South Africans to understand PAIA!




The Promotion of Access to Information Act No 2 of 2000 (as amended) “PAIA” gives effect to section 32 of the Constitution which provides for the right of access to:

  • Any information held by The State  (Public Body), any information that is held by another person and is required to exercise protection of any such right.

  • South Africa’s access to information law enables people to gain access to information held by both PUBLIC and now as effective 1 January 2022 ALL PRIVATE BODIES (all Businesses Large or small) too

In essence, the purpose of PAIA is to promote the right of access to information, to foster a culture of transparency and accountability in South Africa, to encourage an open democracy for all individuals from all walks of life, so that they are empowered to engage with Government and Businesses alike, yet at the same time protecting a person’s rights of personal information as set out by POPIA.

The Information Regulator requires Companies to train their staff on both PAIA and POPIA and here you have it at your own fingertips through IAcademy.

This is a very informative course and consists of:

a) 6 Lessons

b) 29 Topics 

c) 5 Quizzes

In addition, you will understand the processes of a PAIA Manual and the requirements thereof, how a person concludes a formal request for a record, and lots, lots more

A certificate of completion is downloadable after the successful completion of the course.

The advantage of our online courses is you can sign in now, come back and sign in later and IAcademy will take you right back to where you left off!

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