Short Courses

short courses
E-Learning is the way of the future

Short course provisioning has a wider focus than workplace contexts: where research findings are disseminated and new knowledge is shared, it is also associated with continuing professional development. Another area where short course provisioning is important is where learners require a targeted short learning course/s, to upgrade skills and knowledge to ensure success in their chosen field of learning. With the new approach to education and training, short course provisioning has a very particular place in our society and has an important role to play in the development, up-skilling and multi-skilling of all South Africans.

Provisioning of this nature will assist workplaces to develop meaningful career and learning pathways for their employees in a highly accessible manner and would ensure returns on investment and productivity. At “IAcademy” we offer a vast and wide variety of short courses to choose from, take this time to navigate our site and choose the courses that is right for you and your profession. A certificate of completion is downloadable on the successful completion of each course and final quizzes concluded.

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