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  2. Overview of Learning Manual - Lessons and Modules
  3. Lesson 1- An overview of the EAAB Intern logbook training requirements!
  4. Lesson 2- File 1 -Logbook Induction & Agreements
  5. Lesson 3- File 1 - Logbook and Projects
  6. Lesson 4- File 2 Logbook and POE
  7. Lesson 5- File 3 -Logbook and Appraisals
  8. Lesson 6- File 3- EAAB Questionnaire-Pages 106-109
  9. Lesson 7- Quiz checklist for your internal purposes and online course evaluation
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Lesson 5- File 3 -Logbook and Appraisals

July 21, 2021

Logbook and Appraisals

  1. This is your third and final file- Name it Logbook and Appraisals, don’t forget to put your name, identification number, telephone number and FFC number too.
  2. Print out your logbook document from pages 63 to 105 for this file.
  3. We will go through each page through each topic.
  4. Through this year of you working as an inter you would have learnt a lot, and would have gathered various evidence of what you have learnt, although we call this file appraisals, I refer to it as evidence. You will be printing out alot of evidence and will be attaching it to various documents to prove to the EAAB on what you have learnt!
  5. NB do not forget to initial everything page of this file!