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  1. Welcome to IAcademy
  2. Overview of Learning Manual - Lessons and Modules
  3. Lesson 1- An overview of the EAAB Intern logbook training requirements!
  4. Lesson 2- File 1 -Logbook Induction & Agreements
  5. Lesson 3- File 1 - Logbook and Projects
  6. Lesson 4- File 2 Logbook and POE
  7. Lesson 5- File 3 -Logbook and Appraisals
  8. Lesson 6- File 3- EAAB Questionnaire-Pages 106-109
  9. Lesson 7- Quiz checklist for your internal purposes and online course evaluation
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Now you will create a Business Plan for your Real Estate Agency!

Watch the above video for guidance (click full-screen square icon on the right to view on full screen)!

  • Place your next file divider and name it – PROJECT 2
  • Place page 49 & top of page 50 of your logbook document here.
  • Now watch the video – this in-depth video (page by page) on how to conclude your Business Plan.
  • Conclude your Business Plan in a word document, print it out in colour, and file it behind your page 49 and top of page 50 of your logbook document (scroll up and down to view entire pages)
  • NB Make sure you cover all the headings and don’t forget to initial each page of all documents in this project!
  • Initial all pages of your Business plan and page 49 and 50 of your logbook document.